10 Year Old Raises $1,000 for Imagine No Malaria

April 28, 2015

The April 19 offering of First UMC Hayward was dedicated to help fight against Malaria. During the service announcement time, the Sunday school director acknowledged that a 10 year old girl in the congregation who was able to join the Annual Conference Session last year at Burlingame heard Bishop Brown and the kids urging all attendees to help fight against malaria. The 10 returned home after the annual conference and collected bottles and cans, and recycled it them, and saved that money. All the monies she received for her birthday, Christmas, and other events was also saved and kept in a box in her house. On health Sunday she pledged her money to fight against malaria. She was asked to stand up and let everyone know how much she had raised and the total was $1,018. She says she wants to give her sisters and brothers in Africa a chance to live.