California-Nevada Missionary Safe in Nepal

April 27, 2015

Missionary Katherine Parker, whose home church is Mill Valley's Mt. Tamalpais UMC, has reported she is safe and well following the big earthquake in Nepal that is in the news. At the time of the quake, she was away from her home in Kathmandu and in Pokhara with a group from the agency with which she works, the United Mission to Nepal. Katherine reports that all those who are with her are safe and well.
Katherine writes:
The damage here in Pokhara has been minimal, as it has more recent construction, lower buildings and is less dense. Given what we have been anticipating, I am grateful that the destruction and loss of life in Kathmandu has been much less than expected. While tragic, the reports are still only in the hundreds. Reports from friends back in Kathmandu are that tension levels are high with the 20+ aftershocks, many of which have been 5/6+. We feel them here too, but have mostly only seen roofing tiles fall off. Many buildings are down in Kathmandu and people are sleeping outside tonight. I've also heard preliminary reports that stone houses in the hills closer than here to the epicenter have all collapsed, but reports from the villages are still hard to get. I will not attempt to return to Kathmandu until at least Monday. Thank you for your prayers and prayers for Nepal, initially for calm level-headed responses and then for thoughtful recovery.
Parker is a commissioned United Methodist missionary who works as part of the health team of the United Mission to Nepal. Her work focuses on water, sanitation, and hygiene. She is supported in her work by a significant number of churches in the California-Nevada Annual Conference.
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