PSR Offers Micro-Certificate in Transformative Community Building

Would you like to integrate your spirituality with your commitment to social justice? Would you like to join with other spiritual people doing the work of transforming community? Would you like to integrate your personal spirituality and faith with your community activism? Would you like to make change within and beyond faith communities? Then PSR’s new Micro-Certificate in Transformative Community Building is for you! The July workshops Faith Rooted Organizing, and Howard Thurman: Disciplines of the Spirit, plus the Urban Monastic Retreat were designed to unite the sometimes disparate worlds of community activism and spirituality. Register for all three experiences at a discounted rate to earn the micro-Certificate in Transformative Community Building (not for academic credit). The intentions of the micro-Certificate, offered in collaboration with PSR’s Center for Spiritual and Social Transformation, are to: - make explicit connections between spiritual practice and building communities of social transformation; - develop and/or strengthen your own spiritual practice in community with others for social change; - deepen and broaden your understanding of the role of religious/faith communities and theological ideas in socio-political institutions; - appreciate the distinctive features and challenges of mobilizing spiritual communities for social change work; and - acquire and/or hone skills for community organizing, especially among people of faith. Change yourself, change the world. This summer at PSR! Contact or the Center for Spiritual and Social Transformation at