April 16, 2015

JUNE 4 – 7, 2015  |  CLAREMONT, CA

CLAREMONT, CA – Nearly 1,000 presenters from some 30 countries and as many as 80 areas of specialty are coming together in Claremont, CA on June 4-7 for the most ambitious transdisciplinary conference ever held on behalf of the planet. All are invited to attend.

Titled “Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization,” the conference focuses on the big ideas that matter for a thriving biosphere. Attendees can join working groups to explore the foundations needed for an ecological civilization.

 Speakers include renowned environmental leaders, including Bill McKibben (founder of, Vandana Shiva (Indian eco-activist, physicist, and feminist sustainability and social justice expert), and Sheri Liao (China’s leading climate activist).

 Other luminaries include intellectual architect of the conference, theologian John B. Cobb, Jr., father of eco-economics Herman Daly, pioneer of eco-agriculture Wes Jackson, leading thinkers in religion and theology such as Harvey Cox, Brian McLaren, Mary Elizabeth Moore, Joerg Rieger, cutting-edge artists, scientists, and many others.

 The conference will be held on the campuses of Pomona College and Claremont School of Theology, June 4-7, 2015. Cost: $300 until May 15, $400 after May 15, with reduced rates for seniors, students, and low-income participants. One-day options are also available.  For more information: To register:

“Seizing an Alternative” unites the 10th International Whitehead Conference with the 9th International Conference on Ecological Civilization. The conference is organized by the Center for Process Studies and is the inaugural event of Pando Populus, a transdisciplinary platform for accessible public scholarship and civic engagement for the Earth.

Download an information sheet by clicking here.