Stats changes coming for 2017

Every 4 years, the statistical forms are revised.  The next changes will first be used in early 2018 to collect information about 2017 - but that means we need to collect data during 2017.  Read on to see what's changing and what you might need to collect.

  • Professions of Faith will be recorded separately those received through confirmation
  • Worship attendance for online worshipers will be recorded separately
  • Reporting of community ministries for outreach, justice and mercy will be clarified:
    • Total number of ministries (identifying separately any focused on improving global health, and ministering to the poor or socially marginalized)
    • Number of persons from the local congregation involved in these ministries
    • Number of persons served by these ministries (where possible, counting individuals once only)
  • Market values of church assets are reported more clearly: capital assets (buildings and other equipment) in one line, financial and other liquid assets in another.
  • Base compensation and housing benefits will be reported separately for the lead pastor, other appointed associate pastors or pastoral staff, and deacons in specialized ministries.
  • Various clarifications in income reporting:
    • Amounts from sale of church assets should clearly identify if they are for the regular operating budget, or for later use.
    • Amounts transferred from liquid assets (e.g. reserve funds) should be recorded along with interest and dividends.
  • Most lines have been renumbered :-)

More details will be available later in the year, but if you have questions, please contact Adrian.