Sierra Service Project-Regional Coordinator Position


Main Responsibilities
The regional coordinator will be responsible for developing, planning, executing and assessing local weekend and alternative spring/winter programs.  The coordinator may engage in selective general outreach, promotional and fundraising activities for SSP.  
Specific responsibilities include the following:
* Session Planning
The coordinator will have responsibility for planning and preparing for all session activities. This includes:

  • Identifying suitable work projects by establishing relations with the appropriate community organizations and churches.
  • Finding suitable educational and enrichment activities for session participants.
  • Creating a session schedule and communicating that schedule to participants and staff.
  • Together with the SSP headquarters office, the coordinator will develop a budget for each session.
  • Prepare session logistics, including lodging, cooking facilities and showers.
-        Communicating in advance with participating groups.
* Session Execution
-        Unless other arrangements are made, the coordinator will serve as the site director for each weekend or alternative break session, being present throughout the session and directing all activities.
-        Recruiting and training suitable staff for each session.  Creating a pool of suitable staff persons who can be called upon to work as needed.
-        Maintain complete records and writing a comprehensive report on each session’s activities, to include a session financial summary.
* Season Assessment
-        With the headquarters team, participate in an assessment of the season’s activities and create a general plan for the next season.
This is a part time position.  For time spent running sessions, the coordinator will be paid on a per diem bases. For time spent preparing for sessions and doing outreach and promotional activities, pay will be on an hourly basis for actual hours worked
Hourly rate:             $15 per hour
Per Diem rate:         $100 per full day.
Hourly pay will include travel time related to outreach and promotional activities, as well as session planning and preparation.
Expenses: Reimbursement will be made for work related driving and phone expenses.
Terms of Employment
1. This position will have a 90 day probationary period.
2. This is at-will employment and can be terminated at any time by SSP for any reason.
3. All terms of employment are documented in SSP’s Employee Handbook.
For more information, contact Sierra Service Project, click here.