National Hmong Caucus-Missionary Position


JOB SUMMARY: Work as a missionary to develop new church starts or community of faith (Hmong United Methodist congregations) in the Hmong communities in diasporas in the United States, strengthen existing Hmong congregations for revitalization toward becoming self-supporting congregations through strategic planning, leadership training, resource development, consultation in pastoral appointment, holy conferencing and other vital ministries, and assist in the initiative and development of mission opportunity to homeland oversea—in partnership with members and leaders of Hmong United Methodists Churches and Ministries, Districts, Conference and General Board of Global Ministries and other United Methodist Church’s Boards and Agencies.

  • Meet with Annual Conferences, bishops and district superintendents where sizeable Hmong population are present to promote National Hmong Caucus Ministry Plan to initiate or start new Hmong ministry of faith community, or additional ministry to the existing Hmong congregations as discerned by population and opportunity.
  • Meet with Annual Conferences, bishops and district superintendents where there are Hmong United Methodist Churches or Ministries are present to promote National Hmong Caucus Ministry Plan to assist in congregational revitalization of Hmong congregations and ministries.
  • Meet with Hmong ministries, churches and leaders to provide leadership training and conduct strategic planning and programs for revitalization and self-supporting.
  • Visit Hmong ministries/churches to build strong relationship with National Hmong Caucus for support, collaboration and partnership.
  • Writing grant applications to the General Agencies of the UMC for support the National Hmong Caucus’s programs and ministries.
  • Work in collaboration with the General Agencies of the United Methodist Church in congregational development, leadership training, and Hmong language resources development.
  • Work with the Hmong ministries/churches and leaders and pastors to conduct workshops and seminars about who we are, what we believe, and how we can better serve God as a United Methodist ministry/church.
  • Work in partnership with the General Board of Global Ministry for homeland mission oversea such as Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and others to equip Hmong United Methodist leaders and congregations, as well as developing new mission opportunities and projects.
  • Coordinate licensing local pastor education to equip new pastors for the growing of new Hmong ministries when appropriate.
  • Assist new pastors of new Hmong ministries in consultation with bishops and district superintendents of the appropriate Annual Conference.
  • Coordinate the Hmong UM Annual Convocation to strengthen Hmong United Methodist churches and ministries, as well as annual meeting for reporting, sharing, evaluating, deciding on new ministries and developments and visioning the mission and vision of the National Hmong Caucus.
  • Good leadership skills.
  • Report monthly to the Executive Committee.
  • Work with and under the supervision of the Executive Committee of the National Hmong Caucus.
  • Strive to achieve goals and objectives as set by the National Hmong Caucus.
  • Evaluation in six months when hired and thereafter annually by the Executive Committee
  • This position is a three year term renewable and may be terminated by the National Hmong Caucus at anytime.
  • Bachelor Degree (or higher), or equivalent work experience and/or credentials
  • Good command of English including effective verbal and written communication skills is required.  Must be able to read, write and speak Hmong language fluently.
  • At least 3 years of work experience in the United Methodist Church and some experience working in an intercultural and interfaith context.
  • Knowledge and understanding of The United Methodist Church at all levels.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Hmong context in the United States and with countries of origin.
  • Must be a member of a United Methodist Church, and uphold value and support United Methodist Church’s ways, including doctrines, social principles, polity and the United Methodist Women.
  • This job opening is open effective July 1, 2014 until filled.  We will begin screening and interviewing candidates immediately.  The yearly compensation will be $35,000/year including a $5,000/year for miscellaneous expenses such as administrative and travel expenses.  The target start date will be August 15, 2014.
    If you are interested or know someone who may be, please forward appropriate information to: 
    Rev. Yeng Yang
    1477 Kellogg Street
    Green Bay, WI 54303
    Phone: 715-212-4025