Finance Chair


Sacramento United Methodist Union (SUMU) is currently searching for someone to fill the position of Finance Chair, someone with experience with finances- investing in stock and bond funds and managing the asset allocation of SUMU’s assets, the spending policy to calculate the annual distribution of funds available for grants, and processing of loans.  Procedural guidelines are available for each of the tasks.  The Finance Chair will work closely with the Treasurer and a Committee of approximately five others to provide recommendations to members of the SUMU Board.  The Board meets bimonthly, generally at The Table at Central UMC in Sacramento.  The Finance Committee meets as needed, normally only once or twice a year.  For further information please contact Ron Hoppes current Finance Chair at 530-750-2629 or Pastor Matthew Smith (President of SUMU) at 916 233-5391.
The mission of SUMU is to provide financial assistance through grants or loans to thirty two churches in the Sacramento area in an effort to start new churches or re-start existing ones.