Youth Director


Purpose:  To lead and expand a dynamic youth program focused on middle and high school youth, inspiring them to grow in Christian faith through fellowship, study and questioning, celebration, and service.  At a high level, this program is succeeding if youth are engaged spiritually as well as socially, are excited about asking friends to join them, visitors are welcomed, and attendance is growing over time.
Key Responsibilities:

  • Be a positive role model, mentor, and confidant who is passionate about his or her faith
  • Develop and maintain an active relationship with youth, including availability on social media and an active interest in the lives of youth outside of church
  • Work efficiently with volunteer youth counselors to plan and lead engaging Sunday evening youth program (5:30pm to 7:30pm)
  • Work with youth counselors to plan, advertise, and run full-day or overnight events, including “the Amazing gRace” in August and “Double Monopoly” in Spring, and periodic youth-led worship services.
  • Build positive relationships with parents, church and preschool families, and the community
  • Communicate directly with parents and youth about upcoming plans, and regularly provide updates to the church via the newsletter
  • Involve youth in worship service, small groups, service projects, and conference youth events
Other Responsibilities
  • Recruit and train youth counselors as needed
  • Attend church on Sunday mornings
  • Implement United Methodist “Safe Sanctuary” requirements, including training counselors and volunteers on “Safe Sanctuary” practices
  • Attend Church Council meetings as requested by the Senior Pastor
  • Attend weekly staff meetings
  • Recommend and work within the annual budget for the youth program
Required Qualifications
  • BA degree or four years of experience leading a youth program
  • Minimum age:  23 (a “Safe Sanctuaries” requirement)
  • Follower of Christ who is passionate about changing the lives of youth through the love of God
  • Strong organization and communication skills
  • Comfortable speaking in front of people, especially youth
  • Open and honest about his or her own faith journey
  • At ease leading both large and small group groups in games, worship, programs, and discussions
  • Competent cross-culturally; able to perceive needs of youth within the larger community who may or may not have parents attending church
  • Licensed driver
Desired Qualifications:
  • Educational background in psychology
  • Training in suicide prevention, anti-bullying, youth leadership
  • Biblical training
  • First Aid/CPR certified (I think this is required in most workplaces with youth?)
Work Hours:
This is a half-time position, with the potential for growth as the youth group grows. It requires non-standard work hours, and weekend commitments.